2023 was quite the year at ShareBuilt! We are continually amazed that we have the opportunity to serve incredible clients who are making an impact in their community. Our goal, as always, is to support each of these clients and guide them through their design and construction process. Collectively, their impact is our impact – when ShareBuilt help these nonprofits save time and money on building projects, we are enhancing their community impact and allowing their project budget to go further toward their mission.

Last year, our team is growing!  Be watching for an announcement and introductions very soon.

Recently, ShareBuilt received a discretionary grant from Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (CFMT). These funds will be used to support our operational programs, and will directly help us to be the bridge between local nonprofits with design and construction needs and the design and construction firms critical to success.

CFMT awarded more than $2.8 million in grants to 435 nonprofit organizations as part of the 2023 annual grantmaking process.

“As ShareBuilt enters our third year, operational grants such as this are essential to our growth and structure to meet the growing needs of nonprofits in Middle Tennessee,” said Steve Kuhn, ShareBuilt founder.

CFMT awards discretionary grants annually from its unrestricted and field-of-interest funds through an open application process to Middle Tennessee nonprofit organizations addressing community needs and benefiting the well-being of our community through valuable programs and innovative services.

Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee strives to build a more thriving and inclusive community — today and for generations to come — by transforming thoughtful generosity into positive change. Please visit www.CFMT.org for more.