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Our organization is a non-profit facility that relies exclusively on donations, fundraising, and tuition. Some ways you can support us are to refer students to PGPA that are Pre-K 3 through 8th grade and share our website with your friends and family. Your financial gift to Power and Grace is tax-deductible.

Yearly Budget Allocation Breakdown:

Faithful 50

Please take this opportunity to become a Faithful 50 Ambassador. An Ambassador is one who believes in our mission and desires to make a sustaining pledge. Your pledge will further the weekly expenses of STEAM supplies, art supplies, field day actives, graduation expenses, and student awards.

Donate - Faithful 50

All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.

Price Options


Please take this opportunity to become an Angel. An Angel is one who believes in our mission and desires to make a substantial pledge. Your pledge will further the education of our most precious commodity our students, through scholarship. Our children are our future and every one helped is a blessing.

Donate - Founding Angels

A $1000 per year commitment to support PGPA.

Bridge Builder

Please take this opportunity to become a Bridge Builder Sponsor. A Sponsor is one who believes in our mission and desires to make a difference in the educational journey of its students. Donations will assist students in having enrichment activities outside of school that will broaden their learning and engage their sense of community.

Donate - Bridge Builder

A $100 per month commitment to support PGPA.

Planning for the Future

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Fortify Foundation by opening an endowment fund for Power and Grace Preparatory Academy! Fortify Foundation is a nonprofit that is passionate about partnering with private Christian schools to provide the infrastructure and expertise for donors to support their schools both now and in the future. We want PGPA to continue its mission for generations to come, and we want to invite you to be a part of it!

Our Endowment Fund will allow us to:

  • Supplement the budget and give us more flexibility with future innovative ideas
  • Continue to build and maintain the strongest faculty in an evercompetitive market
  • Continue to focus on a competitive tuition rate to maximize opportunities for as many families as possible
  • Maintain our beautiful campus all the while providing enhancements when needed
  • Maintain a strong financial budget in an ever-changing economy
  • And, above all else, ensure that Power and Grace Preparatory Academy will continue to serve its community for generations to come!

Are you interested in providing an IRA Charitable Rollover?

IRA charitable donations are an alternative to taxable required distributions.

Are you charitably minded and have a significant amount of money in an IRA? If you’re age 70½ or older and don’t need the money from required minimum distributions, you may benefit by giving these amounts to charity.

IRA distribution basics

A popular way to transfer IRA assets to charity is through a tax provision that allows IRA owners who are 70½ or older to give up to $100,000 per year of their IRA distributions to charity. These distributions are called qualified charitable distributions, or QCDs. The money given to charity counts toward the donor’s required minimum distributions (RMDs) but doesn’t increase the donor’s adjusted gross income or generate a tax bill.

So while QCDs are exempt from federal income taxes, other traditional IRA distributions are taxable (either wholly or partially, depending on whether you’ve made any nondeductible contributions over the years).

Unlike regular charitable donations, QCDs can’t be claimed as itemized deductions.

Keeping the donation out of your AGI may be important because doing so can:

  • Help the donor qualify for other tax breaks (for example, a lower AGI can reduce the threshold for deducting medical expenses, which are only deductible to the extent they exceed 10% of AGI);
  • Reduce taxes on your Social Security benefits; and
  • Help you avoid a high-income surcharge for Medicare Part B and Part D premiums (which kicks in if AGI hits certain levels).

In addition, keep in mind that charitable contributions don’t yield a tax benefit for those individuals who no longer itemize their deductions (because of the larger standard deduction under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act). So those who are age 70½ or older and are receiving RMDs from IRAs may gain a tax advantage by making annual charitable contributions via a QCD from an IRA. This is because this charitable contribution will reduce RMDs by a commensurate amount, and the reduction will be tax-free.

Annual limit

There’s a $100,000 limit on total QCDs for any one year. But if you and your spouse both have IRAs set up in your respective names, each of you is entitled to a separate $100,000 annual QCD limit, for a combined total of $200,000.

Plan ahead

The QCD strategy can be a smart tax move for high-net-worth individuals over 70½ years old. Don’t wait until year-end to act if you’re interested in this opportunity. Contact us for more information.

If you would like to use this vehicle of giving, please contact:

Stone, Rudolph & Henry: Springer Steve CPA
124 Center Pointe Dr #8408
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 648-4786

PGPA FUNdraising for Academic Success

As is the nature of any privately funded educational institution, all of the money needed to provide a quality program cannot come from tuition alone. Various financial programs are needed to aid the school to reach academic success!

At Power and Grace Preparatory Academy, there will be fundraisers that we will specifically need your volunteer time and financial support, in order to reach the annual fundraising goal. Throughout the school year, there will be four planned fundraisers. We respectfully ask that for these events parents invest beyond their tuition by supporting these fundraisers.

PGPA students are not required to pay for their entry into PGPA fundraising events
PGPA students are asked to participate in all school programs and fundraising events
Parents are responsible for selling Gala tickets (Distributed in January)

Fundraiser Dates to Remember

August 20 – PGPA online sale of Merchandise (Book Store)
October 4-7 – Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser
February 16 – Online Art Auction and Poetry Contest
April 27 – Annual Gala

Who Benefits from PGPA FUNdraising?


  • Educational materials
  • Computers
  • Smart Boards
  • Educational Feild Trips
  • Purchase Enrichment Materials

Further Our Scholarship

  • Endowment (Est. 2023)
  • Book and Fee Scholarship
  • Tuition Scholarship


  • Instructional Materials
  • Professional Development Training
  • Appreciation Effort throughout the year
  • Provide incentives to promote support and longevity

Building and Annual Fund

  • Campaign Support
  • Establish Art Program
  • Establish Physical education teams and activities
  • Expansion of grade levels
  • Aid with the building of our new facilities!

Growth and Prosperity

“As we strive for excellence, I am enthusiastically looking forward to the partnerships we have with families and supporters that will result in a successful campaign. The relationships that we have currently, and the new relationships we will form in the future, will ensure that our students will have the resources, both financial and otherwise, to reach their full potential. Each gift makes an impact, and each child is worth it!”

 — Katobwa B. Stallworth, M.Ed., Head of School